To produce the Best Healthcare Services with the best possible outcome at a Reasonable Cost – one family at a time.


To Become the Most Trusted Healthcare Provider of Free-Standing Ambulatory health services in the Visayas. Enabled by Compassionate & Exceptional Quality Diagnostic Laboratory & Therapeutic Facility.


“Effective July 15, 2020, San Lucas Medical Online Consultation will be charged P100.00 per consult. The payment will be collected upon clicking the submit button when you book an appointment on our website. “

San Lucas Medical is an outpatient medical facility. It has a 24-hr facility that is equipped with a birthing and clinical laboratory services.

It also accommodates a 10-seat ambulatory hemodialysis center. The facility holds thirteen (13) doctors and specialty clinics which caters to dental, pediatrics, adult medicine, and audiometric service needs. Quality healthcare and customer satisfaction are the core of our business. Through a pool of highly certified quality and compassionate medical professionals combined with medical experience of more that thirty (30) years, we provide the most comprehensive medical services, so you and your family can benefit. You are assured of the best care any other provider can offer.

San Lucas Medical aims to bring quality and excellent service that every family deserves.

Lucas Medical’s primary objective is to become the most trusted healthcare provider of free standing ambulatory health services in the region enabled by compassionate and highly effective medical professionals with a heart dedicated to customer service.